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“Homosexuality is wrong, the Bible says it!”

So is: 

  • wearing two different fabrics
  • eating pigs and rabbits 
  • wearing torn clothes
  • having short hair
  • having tattoos
  • having more than one type of plant in your garden
  • going to church in the first  2 months after you’ve given birth
  • masturbating
  • wearing jewlery
  • remarrying 
  • women saying anything in church, ever
  • eating lobsters
  • divorcing
  • eating fat
  • touching women who are on their periods are touching something that has been touched by a woman who is on her period
  • cross breeding
  • people with flat noses becoming priests (?)
  • cheating
  • saying God’s name
  • gossiping
  • going to church if your balls are injured in any way
  • wizards (?)

so we’re all going to hell anyways. 


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