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Shout out to Richmond PD and VCU Police for summoning me to court for unlawful use of a median but only threatening arrest to me and other Black folks there out of the millions of people who use medians to navigate the world. No questioning or repercussion for the two white-presenting folks who were also on the median at the time. Shoutout to the fact that unlawful use of a median is only valid if we are soliciting for money or compensation for services. Shoutout to the fact that Officer Aaron D. Henning, badge #3039 said that he only threatened arrest and summons because we “think we don’t have to listen to him or do what he says.” Shoutout to slave master mentalities and sadistic breeding of white supremacist logic. Shoutout to arresting Heaven and Shan, two Black queer folks, for not giving their information to a cop that was intimidating us for standing on a median while being Black and being arrested for it. Shoutout to the anxiety of not knowing where they took Heaven and Shan to for two hours after they were arrested. Shoutout to the fact that all of this was orchestrated off of the ego and word of ONE POLICE OFFICER; every other cop that I tried to share logical sense with kept referring to “that’s what the arresting officer said/ wants…” Shoutout to anti-Blackness in how white cops mocked how I spoke and tried to over-talk me with fake ass Latin legal jargon they can’t even define. Shoutout to Black girls that deserve a protest for their humanity that doesn’t end in other Black girls getting violated. Shoutout to the police system that was created as slave catchers and still operates that way – stay pressed while we stay blessed.

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